Inclusive Publishing In Practice: an alternative training to start producing born-accessible digital publications.

Thematic area of learning: 
Typical target learners: 
Publishers, Content creators, Writers, Graphic & UX designers, Web & digital document producers
Learning outcomes of the session
Please list the 3 most relevant learning outcomes by completing the following phrase: At the end of the session the participants will ...
Outcome 1.: 
know how to use the IPIP platform to train themself and others.
Outcome 2: 
recognise the benefits offered by the IPIP platform.
Outcome 3: 
recognise the importance (for creators and consumers) of the accessibility of digital documents.
Proposed format: 
Lecturers / teachers / experts / support figures that will be involved: 
Valentín Salinas López MSc., researcher at Johannes Kepler University Linz
With the advent of new accessibility regulations globally and specifically in the European Union (Marrakesh Treaty and European Accessibility Act), publishers are encouraged to offer accessible products and services. This workshop demonstrates the training platform Inclusive Publishing in Practice (IPIP) which offers free and accessible training materials in English, French, German and Dutch for producing born-accessible digital publications. The IPIP platform provides a starting point by making digital accessibility more accessible and understandable. The learning materials are stepping stones to more detailed information that is available in many authoritative resources. In a practical manner the workshop shows how to use the platform and select specific training materials for different professional profiles, ranging from writers and editors to designers, producers and developers. A wide range of people will benefit from the free learning materials, that include practices, theory and assessments. Activities help transfer knowledge and skills to the publishing business. The online training materials can be used for self-paced individual learning, for collaborative learning as well as organising group trainings. The learning platform Inclusive Publishing in Practice is the result of the EU co-funded (Erasmus+) project “Supporting Inclusive Digital Publishing through Training” (SIDPT, 2019-2022). Partners in the project were Braillenet (France), Dedicon (The Netherlands) and the Johannes Kepler University Linz (Austria). Outline: 1. Presentation of the project SIDPT. 2. Presentation of IPIP, ways of learning and benefits for the participants. 3. Content and its arrangement. 4. Finding training material. 5. Use of IPIP to get custom training. 6. Brainstorming on how the platform could be used in the context of the participants. 7. Networking.