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  ICCHP-AAATE 22 - Joint International Conference on Digital Inclusion,
Assistive Technology and Accessibility
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Update 6/22

1) Come prepared, check the ICCHP-AAATE Program

Make use of the last days before coming to ICCHP-AAATE 22: Check our program and your lectures and sessions as the program is more or less final already! Get back to us in case of issues and we will try to find a solution.
Also have a look at the meetings, Young Researchers' Consortium, Tracks and Inclusion Forum with all its Policy Sessions, Educational Sessions and Innovation Area Presentations and compile all activities to YOUR conference - e.g. with our designated ICCHP-AAATE conference app WHOVA that even provides calendar integration for you.
Find the program on ICCHP-AAATE website.
Find more on WHOVA below (item 3) Wait.... WHO-what?)

2) Accessibility Services

In case you did not do so far during registration:
Announce your accessibility needs as soon as possible! Only if we know in advance, we are able to try our best to make ICCHP-AAATE 22 the most accessible, efficient and smooth conference for you. Write an eMail to our conference office and announce that you want accessibility services. We will then get in touch and arrange together with you.
The situation and our services so far:

  • The venue is fully accessible to wheelchair drivers,
  • A digital version of program and proceedings as well as enlarged and touchable blackprint maps of the venue,
  • STTR (Speech to text reporting) as well as ISL (International Sign) for all Plenary Sessions and most deaf and hard of hearing related sessions of Track A, B and D.
  • For ISL support, we additionally provide a first come-first serve coverage of sessions and lectures that can be announced already now via our conference office, on site at Info Desk or to our ICCHP-AAATE accessibility guides


3) Presentations @ ICCHP-AAATE 2022

We got a lot of questions concerning presentations and templates for presentations at ICCHP-AAATE 22.
Good news first: No, we do not have any template to be used. BUT: We of course provide you with useful information on how to prepare presentations that are accessible to all by W3C here.
We can't wait to see all your accessible beautiful presentations!

4) Wait... WHO-what?

About half of you already got to know and downloaded our 2022 conference app WHOVA (that we used already at ICCHP 2020 online). WHOVA helps you with networking, planning, disseminating and getting in touch with each other.
Have the whole conference in your pocket and get the WHOVA app for smartphone and tablet or use it in your Webbrowser! From checking the program and latest changes on site to materials our speakers uploaded into their sessions and lectures: WHOVA is your one-stop service point that is also a full networking and social media hub.
Download and install WHOVA already now, complete your profile, bring it to life and get in touch!
Find full information on setup, and getting the most out of our 2022 conference app here.
Get WHOVA here.

5) ICCHP-AAATE social media coverage - #ICCHP_AAATE_22

Only few people really enjoy it, but we all need it: Social Media!
In order to make it easier for us as well as for you, we bring you a new service, the ICCHP-AAATE 22 Shoutouts:
Make yourself visible in social media - send us your quote for our ICCHP-AAATE Shoutouts!
Any message from your lecture that should be spread and posted on Twitter and Linkedin? We will post them during your lecture.
Send us your quote and social media co-ordinates via our Google Form (How-To included in the form): Form for collecting Quotes for our Social Media Shoutout!

6) ICCHP-AAATE newsletter

In case you did not subscribe so far but want to get all future relevant info on ICCHP-AAATE (especially on ICCHP-AAATE 2022), subscribe to our ICCHP-AAATE newsletter and get all important information immediately!

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