How managers can support more neurodiverse teams

Thematic area of learning: 
Assistive Technology (AT), Digital Health, Cognitive Accessibility
Typical target learners: 
Anyone who manages, supports, or is otherwise involved in the mental wellbeing of their workforce, especially neurodiverse reports and colleagues
Learning outcomes of the session
Please list the 3 most relevant learning outcomes by completing the following phrase: At the end of the session the participants will ...
Outcome 1.: 
Have strategies to manage neurodiverse teams in a digital workplace
Outcome 2: 
Understand the science behind neuropsychological management
Outcome 3: 
Know more about the range of digital tooling for cognitive and mental wellbeing
Proposed format: 
Lecturers / teachers / experts / support figures that will be involved: 
Aidan Bryant, Andrew Barakat, David Fazio
A three part look into Part 1: A personal account of corporate burnout and recovery, with a focus on: strategies for burnout recovery, advice for managers and leadership on how to empower employees of all ability types, and how to reframe and approach burnout, digital wellbeing, and professional norms from a neurodiverse lens. Part 2: A scientific talk about neuropsychological management, and how assistive digital tooling can be used to support the techniques described in part 1. Part 3: A look into Digital Wellbeing.