Habitat Learn – accessible solution to enhance onsite and online classroom learning experience for students

Thematic Area of product / prototype / service: 
Education Technology and Universal Design for Learning
Company (if applicable): 
EdTech and Universal Design for Learning
Description of the product/Prototype/service: 
Habitat Learn provides digital solutions to make the classroom universally accessible for students who join the class physically in the classroom or online for both synchronous and asynchronous learning. The solution consists of three major components which are integrated with each other or can be purchased individually: Smart Camera: a small but powerful smart camera which has a high quality microphone and can stream HD videos with less than one second latency. Once installed on the ceiling of classroom and connected to wifi or cable, the camera can be controlled and upgraded remotely. During the class, the camera will stream the live video and audio to the students who join the class remotely. Via the speaker in the camera, the online students can interact with the lecturers and students in the classroom, such as asking questions or participating in discussions. Messenger Pigeon (MP) is an AI based real-time live captioning platform that provides accurate live captioning service for students. It connects Smart Camera, Captioners and students using real-time communication. When lecture audio is captured by Smart Camera, MP will use automatic speech recognition to generate the live transcript and a human captioner will, at the same time, listen to the audio and correct the errors in the speech recognition. Students will be able to view the transcript and corrections in real-time with minimal latency. Based on the transcript, we also offer bullet-point summary notes for students after the lecture is finished to help their understanding of the key points in the lectures. MP also learns from the corrections of the captioners and uses them to improve the accuracy of its speech recognition. Coral is an online conference platform designed with accessibility at its core. Students can join a Coral classroom remotely and view the lectures streamed from the Smart Camera. At the same time, Messenger Pigeon, integrated with Coral will deliver high-quality live captions to students. Coral has a permission system that manages the students, lectures, and smart cameras to make sure only registered students can join the lecture.
Level of innovation: 
It's a new product and available on the market
Jeremy Brassington, CEO of Habitat Learn