Flexmo Smart axillary crutches

Thematic Area of product / prototype / service: 
Product: Assistive Technology for Lower limb Impaired Community
Company (if applicable): 
Torchit Electronics Private Limited
Description of the product/Prototype/service: 
The axillary crutches, the current design is single tipped and is prone to slipping and falling. The rubber tip is not very durable nor stable in uneven terrains (wet surface, rocks, sand, and mud) like in India, and they wear out soon. They demand a lot of energy to move and transmit movement shock to the body, making it painful and uncomfortable to use. People are not aware of the long term effects of using these crutches and solutions are not available. There are various products in the developed countries market aiming to reduce the load the person feels, the mobility issue. They range from simple spring-loaded crutch tip to polymer-based Kinetic shape and some go to the extent of adding attachments to the crutch tip for increased surface area. But all are aimed at movement mostly on paved roads in Developed countries. In a rough condition such as that of India, the polymers wear out soon rendering the solution less effective. Our smart crutches is a design improvement of the traditional crutch crafted to improve the mobility of a person using crutches. It is the world’s first self-standing crutch. By using a specially crafted metal flexures based tip design, these Smart Crutches substantially improves the stability and mobility of a patient while keeping the cost low. It also incorporates smart techniques to keep energy usage low. The ultimate result for a user is that energy used is minimal and there are no impact forces carried to the body thus mitigating side effects. The design additionally increases grip on rough terrains such as sand, pebbles and wet surfaces. In a nutshell, the product improves the quality of life of the people by enhancing stability, providing features by slip resistance, all-terrain, self-standing and shock absorption (30-35%), less effort for walking (reduction by 20%). The product will improve the productivity of the person using it. The user will be able to commute anywhere without any fear of falling, which unleash his skills to perform new tasks.
Level of innovation: 
1. Energy-saving or less effort: Flexmo reduces the effort by 20% as compared to the traditional crutches. 2. Design: Smart Crutches are designed by taking inspiration from a human foot. It is sleek, gorgeous, complaint with IS 5143 standard testing. 3. Patent Pending (Filed): Patent Application no. 201841004533 for your invention namely " MOBILITY AID TIP". Desing registered 307331 “FLEXCRUTCH”, 319105-001 “MOBILITY AID TIP” and 319l06 “AXILLARY CRUTCH” Materials Specifications 1. Aluminum parts are of Al 6061(T6). It is a high tensile Al generally used in aircraft industry. 2. FlexTip is manufactured from high strength steel AISI 1000 series with tensile strength over 1400 mPa. 3. All Plastic parts are of injection molded ABS which has high temperature and weather resistance. 4. Rubber Parts are of mould poured NBR (Shore A - 60~65). It has excellent tear, abrasion resistance. It has very good oil and chemical resistance as well. 5. Frictional Properties of Grip: Coefficient of friction; Dry – 0.63; Wet – 0.44, Must be greater than- 0.3 6. Abrasion resistance of Grip: 130 mm3, Must be less than 250 mm3 7. Rated angle of usage: 5~15 degree. (Angle at which the crutch is to be held) 8. Rated Cycle of the Tip: 500000 Cycles. Testings 1. FlexMo- IS. 5143-1988, BIS testing for crutches have been successfully conducted without any damage. 2. Rubber- SATRA TM 144 & 174 for slip and abrasion resistance. 3. FlexTip- Fatigue testing machine simulating actual forces and motion to determine the life of the tip. 4. All other required testings to ensure the quality of raw material, as well as the final product, has been done.
1. Hunny Bhagchandani, Enabling Toys Fellowship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston; 2016 B Tech Industrial Engineering from Pandit Deendayal Energy University, India; 2017 Leaders in Innovation Fellowship, Royal Academy of Engineering, UK; 2018 Executive Education, Indian Institute Of Management–Ahmedabad, India; 2018 2. Dr Rita Poptani, MDS, Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry from Govt. Dental College and Hospital, Ahmedabad; 2021 BDS, Dental Clinic and Science from Karnavati University, Ahmedabad; 2017