Connecting Researchers and the AT industry for Impact

Experts / speakers / chairs / moderators that will be involved: 
David Banes (DATEurope) Christoph Jo Muller (DATEurope) Klaus Hoeckner (HilfsgemeinSchaft Austria) Bryan Boyle (University of Cork) Christian Buhler (Technische Universität Dortmund) Jeremy Brassington (Habitat Learn) Chris Patnoe (Google) Others to be confirmed
Proposed format: 
Abstract / Short Description of the Proposed Session – will be published in the conference programme and the Book of Abstracts: 
This session will explore the issues that prevent innovation and research from being brought to market. We will seek to identify successful examples where research has directly led to a product or service launch and consider why this was successful. We will then expand this discussion to gather perspectives on what researchers feel they need from the industry and what the industry would like from research. At the end of the forum, a short briefing document will be produced by DATEurope to build further bridges between stakeholders to encourage greater uptake of innovation for the benefit of people with a disability.