Co-design of Inclusive Public Transportation: the experience of users with disabilities in 7 European cities. A TRIPS project activity.

Experts / speakers / chairs / moderators that will be involved: 
The local user leads of the TRIPS project: Jamie Bolling (Stockholm), Ibtissam Anounou (Brussels), Marica and Ogi Andric (Zagreb), Diogo Martins (Lisbon), Chiara Lepori (Bologna), Cristiana Mameli (Cagliari). Moderator: Tally Hatzakis. Expert comments: Riccardo Magni. David Banes and Ethan Brooks.
Proposed format: 
Abstract / Short Description of the Proposed Session – will be published in the conference programme and the Book of Abstracts: 
In the H2020 funded project,TRIPS on the future of inclusive urban transportation, working groups in seven European cities are working together to design innovative accessible solutions to boost inclusive mobility. During this workshop we will learn more about the envisaged solutions and listen to their experiences and lessons learned, as well as their future plans and aspirations. The project represents a one of a kind approach to open innovation directly engaging persons with disabilities in the inception, design and development of solutions for the transport sector.