An Analysis of the Accessibility Issues of the Learning Management System Ilias

Thematic Area of product / prototype / service: 
Accessibility issues of learning management software used in higher education
Company (if applicable): 
Stuttgart Media University, Freiburg University of Education, Heidelberg University of Education, University Bielefeld
Description of the product/Prototype/service: 
The poster is set out to showcase accessibility issues in the learning management software ILIAS, categorized into accessibility issues caused by the platform “Ilias” and those caused by the author. A study using a worst-case Ilias course was conducted to assess the majority of accessibility issues. This worst-case course was specifically designed to have the highest possible number of accessibility errors. The accessibility of the platform was measured according to the European standard EN 301 549. While around 60% are embedded in the platform, 40% can be attributed to instructors. The poster shows a visualization and categorization of accessibility issue types. Since instructors are prone to create numerous accessibility issues on learning management systems, it is important to raise awareness regarding possible accessibility issues and how to solve them. This can be achieved through training and qualification courses.
Level of innovation: 
Analysis of an already existing learning platform for higher education
Andreas Burkard (participation confirmed) Samira Kalemba (participation confirmed) Franziska Neumann (participation confirmed)