Additional aspects of digital accessibility

Thematic area of learning: 
Typical target learners: 
People who work in the field of visual impairment
Learning outcomes of the session
Please list the 3 most relevant learning outcomes by completing the following phrase: At the end of the session the participants will ...
Outcome 1.: 
Additional aspects of digital accessibility besides the application of technology.
Proposed format: 
Lecturers / teachers / experts / support figures that will be involved: 
Mr. Marc Wijnhoven and Miss Nancy Reening. Assistive technology trainers at Bartiméus A nationwide expertise organisation that supports blind and partially sighted people in the Netherlands.
Is digital accessibility more than having knowledge and applying technology? We will give a brief history of assistive technology to the present day for people who are visually impaired. Knowledge and application of technology. What are the additional aspects? What problems do we encounter in practice as assistive technology trainers? Finally, we would like to discuss some ideas about the future of technology and what this could bring to people who are visually impaired.